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Fabulous Faith in Meet My Worry Monster

Faith has a worry monster she named Stan and he tries to keep her from having fun at school. Faith realizes she has a super power in her that can defeat Stan. Its the power to control her own thoughts and its in the form of a sparkly kitty cat.


Stan is not happy about this super power and he tries to overcome but in the end Faith wins.

Leo the Lion and his Birth Fairy
This is a special children's story of adoption based on our beautiful journey to our son Jameson. Follow Leo's family as they embark on an exciting journey to find the cub meant to be with them.
We feel so blessed that his selfless Birth Mother chose us for Jameson just like Leo's "Birth Fairy" who chose the perfect family for him. We all have a special story of how we came into this great big world and we hope you find that this story is a great conversation starter and introduction to your little ones to begin conversations on adoption and what it means to you and your family.
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